Green Rust (Version 2)

Edgar Wallace, perhaps best known for creating King Kong, wrote dozens of novels. The Green Rust, his twelfth crime novel, is one of three books he published in 1919. It begins at the English home of the severely ill American millionaire, John Millinborn. With him are his best friend, Kitson, and a local doctor, the Dutch (or is he?) van Heerden. He is murdered in the first chapter, having just left his fortune to his niece, Oliva, whom he has never met. Before he dies, he asks Kitson to find and watch over Oliva. (Introduction by Kirsten Wever)

32 chapters
The Death of John Millinborn
The Drunken Mr. Beale
Punsonby's Discharge an Employee
The Letters That Were Not There
The Man With the Big Head
Mr. Scobbs of Red Horse Valley
Plain Words From Mr. Beale
The Crime of the Grand Alliance
A Crime Against the World
A Fruitless Search
The House near Staines
Introducing Parson Homo
At Deans Folly
Mr. Beale Suggests Marriage
The Good Herr Stardt
The Pawn Ticket
The Jew of Cracow
Bridgers Breaks Loose
Oliva is Willing
The Marriage
Beale Sees White
Hilda Glaum Leads The Way
At the Doctor's Flat
The Green Rust Factory
The Last Man at the Bench
The Secret of the Green Rust
A Scheme to Starve the World
The Coming of Dr. Milsom
The Lost Code
The Watch
A Cornchandler's Bill
The End of Van Heerden