Trail's End

When an agriculture professor wanders into a wicked Kansas cowtown in order to experiment raising wheat, both the professor and the town get more than they bargain for. A wild and wooly Western. (Summary by Jeff Chesnut)

28 chapters
The Unconquered Land
The Meat Hunter
First Blood
The Optimist Explains
Ascalon Awake
Riders of the Chisholm Trail
A Gentle Cowboy Joke
The Avatism of a Man
News From Ascalon
The Hour of Vengeance
The Penalty
In Place of a Regiment
The Hand of the Law
Some Fool with a Gun
Will His Luck Hold?
The Meat Hunter Comes
With Clean Hands
A Bondsman Breathes Easier
The Curse of Blood
As One That Is Dead
Whiners at the Funeral
Ascalon Curls Its Lip
Madness of the Winds
A Summons at Sunrise
In The Square at Ascalon